Brandon Adamson (Undated, year 2000)

Brandon Adamson (Undated, year 2000)

Named after the main character in a sleazy 1970’s romance novel (The Flame and the Flower,) Brandon Adamson is a writer/poet/musician/artist, who currently resides in Phoenix Arizona. He has been writing since 1995, and his work has appeared in many magazines, blogs and literary journals over the years.

Brandon began recording experimental indie music in the mid 90’s. He has put out dozens of singles and a few limited release albums, and continues to write and release new songs. As a futurist who has always been fascinated with the mid century modern aesthetic, culture and associated philosophies, the space age influence is apparent in much of Brandon’s writing and art.

Many years ago I appeared in this forgotten GAP commercial. You can see me briefly on the right at the 0:07 mark: