Bright Colors That Fade – Review by Dicky Bahto 2005


review by Dicky Bahto 12/09/2005

I don’t really know what to say about this album. I think I say that a lot, don’t I? Whenever I really like something I get this weird inability to express what I think about. It’s that peasant within me that wishes to express Blind Devotion upon things of exquisite beauty. Or something. In any case, this album is really, really amazing.

Brandon always used to talk about writing music. I didn’t really take him seriously, though, because he always talks about a lot of things and he always seems to be really emotionally invested in what he’s talking about, but, you know, sometimes he’s not. So, with people like him I usually take everything they say with a grain of salt. Of course, I totally understand, because that’s how I am about everything. In any case, suddenly he had an album out, called Springtime in Paris, which I still haven’t bought because I have this weird fear of buying things off the internet. I still haven’t heard most of the album, but I was obsessed with the song Lost Andjealous, which I would listen to over and over and over again on his Myspace profile. I found myself singing it all the time.

In any case, earlier this year he announced he was releasing a new album, called Bright Colors that Fade, and he said he had some songs from it on Myspace to listen to. So I listened to them at work one day. I was like totally shocked. I mean, I don’t really remember what I thought about it at first, but I kept listening to them for hours at work. I don’t think I exactly liked them at the time, but I felt compelled to listen to them. They were so bizarre songs… extremely childlike. All three of the songs that he put up were just his voice with an incredibly crappy sounding electric piano. And the melodies, they were all very simple, and most of the time the piano and the vocal lines were the same. I was struck by how minimal it was… rarely did I hear more than one note being played on the piano at a time. And then there were the words, which were incredibly personal, and incredibly… Brandon.

In any case, Brandon sent me a copy of the CD. I put it in my stereo and laid down in bed to listen to it. I was halfway awake, halfway through the album, when suddenly I started up out of bed totally in tears. I was sobbing. It was really weird. I listened to the album 5 times in a row and, when someone called me to see if I wanted to go and do something, I had a really hard time communicating with them.

Hi Brandon!

The first time I met Brandon I was really drunk and we were in the backyard of Melissa’s house and we had a really long conversation about shower heads and water pressure. Brandon was trying to tell me that he exfoliates by letting his $60 shower head pelt his face with streams of intense water. I love your new album, but you already know that because the night I got it I felt compelled to write you some totally insane, rambling letter about how amazing I thought it was. And look, here I am, doing it again!