Referenced in Warhol related article by Eduardo Navas

The word list referenced is a list of interests which were grouped as a poem and later appeared in the book, “SideQuests.”

Here is the text of Eduardo Navas’s original article:

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

“Being thin goes something like this: Thin is in – again – in the yo yo world of men’s suiting. Ever since Chanel uber-designer Karl Lagerfeld lost weight just in order to wear a Dior Homme suit, men’s suiting silhouettes have been getting about as narrow as an airline’s profit margins. And Warhol is in this one as such Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche is also interpreting the suiting in a Warhol “factory” way, worn with wool zip-up sweaters and black velvet drainpipes, and accessorized with black sunglasses and layered shag hair. Get thinner, please! Only this time let it be the art!! Manhattan has had more than its share of Warhol gallery shows recently, mostly of late work, and some of them looked thin. The art I say… one never knows what will be found when searching about Andy’s obsessions:Information technology implies a transformation of artistic languages and leads to the “anorexia of art”, a growing movement away from the object towards the concept. Thanks to computers we can now produce images, signs, forms and creative processes that have no need of a physical location but rely on the directions and dynamics of the Internet. The result is “anorexic art”, which strikes not only the eye but also the brain of the spectator. I guess concepts are not good? Let Warhol be related to this in a personal list: a first kiss, a lost cause, abstract art, all or nothing, alternate endings, andy warhol, angels, angst, anorexia, baby blue, bad news bears, baja fresh, baths, being number one, being secretive, boca burgers, boring girls, buying stuff, chrono trigger, cinderella, clingy girls, clothes, costume dramas, crash diets, diet coke, diet pepsi, dorky girls, dracula, drama queens, dumb young girls, early nineties, eating, elegancy, evangelion, f scott fitzgerald, fairy tales, fighting with girls, film noir, flowers, french foreign legion, girls on the rebound, giving dirty looks, good manners, gossip, greek mythology, guest lists, happy endings, hating girls, holding hands, hollywood, howard hughes, humidity, hush money, james bond, kelly green, kissing, lavender, los angeles, love, love affairs, lying a lot, made in the shade, make out sessions, mark schoenecker, masochism, megalomania, minimalism, misogyny, money, moving day, my room, natalie wood, nice girls, nintendo music, not dying, not getting vd, not new york, not sluts, not the 80’s, optimism, otto preminger, overdoing it, pale blonde girls, partners in crime, pastels, pegasus, perfect girls, pillpoppers, pillpopping, pills, plaid, plain girls, playing against type, pool parties, pop music, pretty eyes, ranma 1/2, rolling my eyes, romance, rothko, sacrifice, sad endings, salvation, self-fulfilling prophecies, selling my soul, shy girls, singing, socially awkward girls, springtime in paris, stepford wives, talking on the phone, the 60’s, the 70’s, the butterfly effect, the glass half full, the golden fleece, the grass roots, the roman empire, the seeds, the turtles, the zombies, this side of paradise, three wishes, time travel, tragic heroes, train wrecks, tuna, turtlenecks, unicorns, urusei yatsura, vegenaise, vivacious teenage girls, whit stillman, wind, wine, your ex-girlfriend”